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There are 194,000 search results when you Google search “MPO polarity”.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Conexus MTP®PRO-SERIESAssemblies will fit into any legacy environment.

  • field-changeable polarity
  • field-changeable gender
  • proven connector quality from US Conec


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When other manufacturers stepped away, Conexus stepped up with MU PRO-SERIES™ Assemblies.

If your former vendor brought you to this dance and left you without a partner, we have you covered.

We have to admit, the footprint, performance and engineering are solid.


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Conexus LC PRO-SERIES™Assemblies are our #1 selling product line.

You will have to work to pull the connector off of this bad boy.  The crimp is as strong as they come.  No comparison.

Add ceramic ferrules and Corning Optical Fiber and you have a super high-performance cable that we would put up against any other in the world with confidence.

Did we mention that they also offer field-reversable polarity?


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Pro-slide PRO-SERIES™

Our LC Pro-Slide PRO-SERIES Assembly™ has a Push-Pull Uniboot Connector designed for very high-density applications.

It provides an ultra-smooth and easy removal in a crowded environment.


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Right behind making sure you don’t use cables that are too long, one of the best ways to eliminate excessive cable bulk is to reduce the diameter and improve the construction of the cordage itself.

Why use a zip-cord construction, when you can use a 2-fiber round T.B. cable?

Fiber optic cabling is a labor of love at Conexus. We offer a full range of factory-terminated cable assemblies, from jumpers & patch cords to harnesses and pre-terminated trunk cables.

You can be confident in our cabling products because they are designed for both high-performance and durability. This begins with the careful selection of raw material components such as trusted Corning glass fiber, precise ceramic ferrules and the highest-quality connectors available.

Components are evaluated through rigorous type-testing to measure tensile strength, crush resistance, flexing, bending, torsion and environmental stress. For example, we know that our crimp rings will provide 2-4X the strength of major competing brands before the connector will pull away from its sheathing.

Component selection and type testing ensure that we have specified a solid foundation of raw materials for reliability and durability. From there, all of our fiber assemblies are factory terminated, machine polished, visually inspected and tested for final attenuation to ensure high-performance.

The bottom line is that when you buy cabling from Conexus, you are getting a top-of-the-line product that will provide lasting performance.

Unsure about local fire codes & global safety standards like the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR)? Let Conexus help you specify the right materials for the job. 

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