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Conexus Technologies

Conexus caters to the unique needs of global information technology hardware OEMs.  When you compare the prices of different cabling suppliers, the marginal differences in their direct product costs, while important, don’t even come close to differences in the opportunity costs that come with your selection.  This is why companies preach partnership in supply chain.

Saving a few thousand dollars on a power cord order can cost a few hundred thousand dollars in missed revenues when you can’t make that end-of-quarter shipment because your supplier is late in delivering or because the cords don’t have the appropriate international country approval you need.

Our job is to help you refine your forecasts, keep your company in compliance with the complexity of international import laws and standards, mitigate your risks and facilitate the fulfillment of your customer orders.  We specialize in cabling and power cords for your systems and we resolve these kinds of problems for global OEM customers all day, every day.