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Conexus Technologies


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1U Linear Enclosures

Conexus 1U Linear Enclosures support a maximum of 96 fiber (48 duplex ports).

Available in Base-8 and Base-12 port counts, these handy enclosures are available in 24-port, 32-port, 36-port and 48-port versions for applications where ease of cable management is prioritized above port-density.

  • Ideal for Data Center MDF and HDA connectivity applications
  • MTP, LC, SC and MU
  • Internal shuttered adapters
  • Aqua, Beige, Violet or Lime Adapters Available


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High-Density HD Enclosures

1U, 2U and 4U HD Enclosures are designed to maximize port-density and rack space.

The 1U HD Enclosure supports up to 72 duplex ports (144-fiber).

The 2U HD Enclosure supports up to 144 duplex ports (288-fiber).

The 4U HD Enclosure supports up to 288 duplex ports (576-fiber).

Each HD Cassette houses up to 12 duplex ports (24-fiber).

Each HD Cassette houses up to 12 duplex ports (24-fiber).


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Angled Enclosures

Angled patch panels provide a clean patch management solution where jumper cables are routed into vertical cable managers on either side of the panel.

Conexus has designed a modular 1U panel that accepts either a pass-through LC-LC faceplate adapter module or an MTP-LC cassette.

Each panel accepts up to two modules/cassettes.

Available in 24-port and 48-port (duplex) versions.


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Compatible Enclosures

Conexus offers several legacy and compatible enclosure options.

  • 5U – Methode 192-Port Compatible
  • Corning CCH Compatible
  • Commscope Compatible
  • LGX Compatible
  • Custom Silk Screens & Port Counts Available

Optimal Organization and Efficiency

Conexus offers a variety of patch panels designed to meet different objectives within the data center.

  • Linear enclosures w/solid face-plates or modular cassettes
  • High-density (HD) enclosures
  • Angled enclosures (1U) 24 or 48 duplex ports
  • Compatible enclosures (Corning, Panduit, Commscope, LGX)