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Conexus Technologies

Conexus has designed a Vendor Managed Power Cord Inventory specifically for the global OEM or VAR. 

“It isn’t just about the products – it is about mitigating risks and solving problems for your customers.  If you aren’t proactively helping them manage compliance then you aren’t taking care of your customer, you’re probably losing revenue, and you’re putting your own company at risk.”

International Compliance & Documentation

Your products must comply to the regulations in the countries where they are intended to be sold and utilized. They are classified, stamped, labeled, documented, certified and likely inspected for compliance by customs in the receiving country. An assessment of the risks of non-compliance includes customs delays and refusal-of-entry, missed deliveries, lost revenues, added replacement costs and much greater risks for legal and regulatory penalties should they clear customs and cause unintended damage to people, plant or environment.

Many of our North American cord sets are “Universally Approved” for Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea and North America. All of them are REACH and RoHS compliant. Find out how Conexus can help you:

  • Ensure international compliance
  • Minimize customs delays and missed deliveries
  • Protect revenues and financial targets
  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Mitigate legal & regulatory risks
  • Consolidate inventory into fewer part numbers
  • Improve job satisfaction and performance assessment

Case Study: HV  – “Your options aren’t great when your back is against the wall.”

The fiscal year was coming to a fast close at HV and the pressure to get the company’s orders shipped out in time to recognize the revenue was intense.  They had racks of servers ready to ship to a data center end-user in China who had standardized globally on PDUs with North American plugs. The problem was, their server manufacturer shipped them equipment with UL approved cords and no China Compulsory Certificate (CCC approval).  A million-dollar order was at risk due to a few hundred dollars-worth of power cords. 

It can be extremely difficult to find power cord sets with North American plugs that have “UNIVERSAL” international country approvals.  Even if you find them:

  1. Is there time to get everything ordered, received, packed and delivered so that yo can invoice the order and book the revenue in this quarter?  
  2. Do you settle for cords that are the wrong length or from a supplier that you have not had a chance to fully vet?  
  3. Do you ship your non-compliant cords and hope they aren’t delayed or refused by China customs, or worse. 
  4. Does this happen so often, that you now maintain a bloated inventory of power cords for every country you operate in? 

Your options aren’t great when your back is against the wall.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Product Consolidation

Inventory is often one of the larger assets of a business. It can define a company’s position in the marketplace as well as the customer’s expectations for delivery.

It can also be a large expense item. The true cost of inventory exceeds the cost of goods sold. Managing and maintaining inventory (inventory carrying costs) add 20-25% to the cost of goods sold. There are financing costs, opportunity costs, taxes and insurance expenses, handling, counting and control costs, warehouse overhead, shrinkage, damage and obsolescence.

Successful businesses have enough inventory at their disposal to meet customer demand. If it doesn’t turn over regularly, carrying costs increase. With Vendor Managed Inventory, businesses can shift some of these carrying costs over to their suppliers while still having available supply to meet demand. In a low-margin industry like power cords, it just doesn’t make sense for OEMs and VARs to carry more than a month or two of inventory.

Conexus Carries over 40,000 power cord sets in our Ohio warehouse:

  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • International
  • USA
  • Canada
  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • UK
  • EU
  • Korea

Our Standard Inventory

Plug Side A Plug Side B Length V/A Ratings Approval Approval Approval Approval Approval Approval Approval
C13 NEMA 5-15P 0.9-mt 125VAC/10A
C13 NEMA 5-15P 1.5-mt 125VAC/13A
C13 C14 0.7-mt 250VAC/10A
C13 C14 1.5-mt 250VAC/10A
C13 C14 2.5-mt 250VAC/10A
C13-up C14 6.0-ft 250VAC/10A
C13-up C14 8.0-ft 250VAC/10A
C13 China GB2099 3-Pin 2.5-mt 250VAC/10A
C13 C20 6.0-ft 250VAC/10A
C13 UK BS1363 2.5-mt 250VAC/10A
C13 CEE 7/7 EU Schuko 2.5-mt 250VAC/10A
C13 Switzerland SEV1011 2.5-mt 125VAC/10A
C19 C20 3.25-ft 250VAC/16A
C19 C20 8.0-ft 250VAC/16A
C19 C14 6.0-ft 250VAC/15A
C19-left C20 6.0-ft 250VAC/16A
C19-left C20 8.0-ft 250VAC/16A
C20 C13 (x2) 6.0-ft 250VAC/16A